What To Do When You Stop Budgeting.

What To Do When You Stop Budgeting

The last couple of months caught me off guard. I did a big NO-NO. I stop budgeting. I don’t even know how it happens. I got caught up in the business of life and forgot to complete my budget for the months. Even though Dave Ramsey sends me an email every month to remind me.

I am a little ashamed to say that this morning my bank alerted me to let me know what my balance was. I practically fell off my bed In disbelief. How could I have stopped paying attention like this?

But it’s okay. If this is your story like it is mines we need to talk. Of course, this is not my first time royally screwing up on my budget.

Like everything else In life. Budgets have seasons where they are very good and very bad. But the trick is to know what to do when you stop budgeting. So buckle up, I am going to share with y’all my way of getting back on track.

Remember You’re Human

Turns out that your a person with feelings and stuff like that. I find that in a situation like this my first tendency was to beat myself up. The first time that happened I was mad at myself that I didn’t reach my goal. But I had to learn to be gentle with myself.

Compassion is not just something you give others. It’s something you have to give your self. Along with patience. I know it’s hard but financial freedom is a journey. And like every journey, you need patience compassion and forgiveness to get through it.

I know this is something that most people don’t share with you. But if you want to succeed in anything you need to treat yourself with kindness. Because there will be a time when you mess up.

Messing up is just a great opportunity to learn. And trust me you will make a lot of them on your financial journey. They will be small and sometimes big. But there is no room for discouragement.

Pinpoint The Moment Of Weakness 

There was a moment in the month of June, July, and now August where I just threw my budget out the window. My job is to find that moment. Just like it is your job to find your moment. Because finding that money will help you understand what went wrong.

I personally consider that moment, once I found it, a character flaw. Then I plan out what I can do differently to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. For some, it may be a feeling that they feel. For others a thought that they had. And for me, it was my schedule.

If it is a thought or a feeling find out why you were feeling or thinking that way. Because it is something you need to work on. Maybe changing yourself talk. If it’s emotional spending then work on it. Check out my post on emotional spending for a few tips on how to overcome.

My Schedule Was The Culprit

For example, my problem was my schedule. I did not make time for it. My budget is important to me and if I am not making time for what’s important to me. Then I know something is wrong.

I’m a giver by nature and a people pleaser by learned behavior. And those two combine makes me an excessive busier. I get so wrapped up in working, giving, and pleasing that I would often forget to practice self-care.

When I forget to budget a red flag goes up for me. Now I am aware that my life is not where it should be. That is why it’s so important to pinpoint the moment you fell off budgeting. This way you will get your life back on track and your budget right.

What To Do When You Stop Budgeting

Get You Money Back On Track

The question was asked “How can I get my money back on track.” well continue reading and you will not only know what to do when you stop budgeting. Also, how to get you money back on track.

You know that old saying “get back on the horse that bucked you.” And that should be your mentality about budgeting. If you have a bad month don’t worry. Just get back on it.

I once read an article where a women lost a significant amount of weight in a year. She shared that she fell off her diet a couple of times. But she did not fret. She forgave herself and continued where she left off.

This is great advice. The best way to succeed is to allow yourself to make mistakes. But also having the courage to get back on the horse again. We all make mistakes and so why fret over that.

When I fail to budget I walk into my bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. And I forgive myself. Then I walk right back to my budgeting spreadsheet and budget.

Last Thought

There you have it, folks. The secret behind falling away from your budget. And how to get back to it. Don’t forget you’re a human being who makes mistakes.

Because you’re human you need to make sure you pinpoint that point of weakness or emotional turmoil that cause you to fall. Lastly, just remember to get back on the horse.

What To Do When You Stop BUdgeting

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