What Keeps You Going When Quitting Is Not An Option

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Good Morning my y’all this is totally overdue. But my schedule was placed a little behind. But I am finally here. Back with another Couch Conversation With Nelle. And this week on the couch we are talking about something important you need for the new year. What keeps you going when quitting is not an option. .

Let me share a little story with you guys. Since the last couch conversation, my life took a drastic change. My health became somewhat of a problem and mentally I was not in the right headspace. SO! it was not by choice but I removed myself a little from everything. Of course, this sent me into a small amount of depression leaving me wondering why I was doing everything that I do. Mostly, I was asking myself why I find myself in front of my computer writing my post and partaking in the creative endeavors that I partake in.

What Keeps You Going When Quitting Is Not An Option

And as I sat on my couch contemplating these matters. It kinds of hit me. I do what I do because I like doing it. I love seeing my work and sharing them with you guys. Putting together the posts so that you guys can see and enjoy them. I love interacting with yall on Facebook, Instagram, and the blog. This is my passion and that’s why I do what I do. Those reasons are keeping me going when quitting is not an option.

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And that is our couch conversation this week. What Keeps You Going When Quitting Is Not An Option. Ask yourself that question this week and see if it brings you to that place where you are motivated to keep going. In other words WHAT IS YOUR WHY?

Knowing Your Why

Knowing your why is the most important thing that you can do for yourself this year. It will be the driving force behind everything you do. It will keep you grounded and looking ahead. It will keep you motivated ready to continue on this adventure of self embrace. You must know your why. And if you find that you are searching and you don’t know how to find it here’s what you do.

  • Find a quiet place
  • Take Pen and Paper
  • Shut your eyes and take some deep breath
  • Ask yourself what do I value in my….(Insert: business, my journey, etc.)
  • Write down your values

The list should result in a pattern that will show you why you do what you do. Use this as a way to keep going. It will keep you going when quitting is not an option. So sit on the couch with a friend and have a conversation about What Keeps You Going When Quitting Is Not An Option.


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What Keeps You Going When Quitting Is Not An Option