What I’m Wearing To The PIA Tour

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It’s October and if you are a cool person then you are buying your ticket for the PIA tour. Well if you live in Florida that is. And since I live in Florida I already planned out my outfit. Yup! I already know what I am wearing to the PIA tour. But first I feel like I should tell you what the  PIA tour is.

What Is PIA?


Pia tour is a Christian poetry tour. That features the top Christian poets in our nation. These spoken word artists get together every year to showcase not just their talents but to reach others for the glory of God. Plus they are mad fly. It is one of the biggest events for us you g Christian’s in love with spoke. Poetic expression. If you’re a lover of the psalms like I am then you won’t be sorry going. 

PIA Tour

Side note don’t ask me who my favorite artist is. Because I love them all. 

Unfortunately, it’s their last tour so I was told. But I am keeping hope alive. So if you have not gotten a chance I recommend you check them out. The website is here. 

I’m going to start with my shoes. I’m rocking boots to this tour because it is fall and it’s time for me to take out my boots. And they are made for walking. A pair I grabbed from shoe dazzle and have had in my closet for like two years. 

Here’s a little secret about me and my style. I love repurposing old things. Yes, you heard me. I’m one of those people. That is why the duster I will be rocking is not a jacket but an old dress that my homegirl was giving away. All I did was threw it over a black bodycon dress. 

Of course, I feel ready for the runway. This isn’t a fashion show but I am doing alright. Lastly I never forget to pair my outfit with the right earings. Lately, for me it’s been all about hoops.  I think hoops might be my fall earing choice. 

PIA Tour

That is what I’m wearing to the PIA Tour. What’s about you? Share your looks with me on Instagram. I can’t wait to share my PIA Tour highlights with you. Stay tuned for the recap. 

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What I’m Wearing To The PIA Tour