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I’m so glad you have taken the time to come and be inspired To Live Freely.

Before we get down to business here is the back story.

Be born, grow up, go to school, get a Career, get married, have a family.

Does that sound familiar? Well it should because that is the expectations that society, by society I mean everyone who is in your life, has placed on you. Well I did it. (Well most of it.)

I was born (thanks Mom!!!).

I grew up, went to school and I got as far as get a career. But then I was stuck. I found myself on a therapist chair struggling with the decision to move overseas because I was going against what people considered the norms of life.

A small nobody second generation Haitian American like me does get to discover who she is.

At least that what I thought. So, I decided I will discover myself and I will show you how to do it too. Therefore, out of my pain was birth EmbracingNelle.

What does it mean To Live Freely?

That’s a simple answer. It means simply to live the life that you want.

It means to be free. To move about, live where you want, struck out on you your own and discover what life truly is. It means to be you.

I remember my teenage years. When the world was my playground. I was going to do so much, but the older I got the more my upbringing, and society restricted me and put me in a box. I was who they said I was, and I was brainwasher into doing what they say I should do.

So, I grew up with the belief that I was not supposed to be me. I was not supposed to be the fun-loving person that doesn’t have to live like everyone else, that did what she wanted and love the skin she was in.

And that where the journey started, Living Freely is living the life that you want for yourself. Embracing who you are and discovering who you want to be. It’s about knowing what you love and hate. It’s about financial freedom and independence.

It means focusing on what really matters in life. Such as, your family, friends, and for some of us our pets. It means focusing on your life.  


EmbracingNelle is not just blog but a place of discovery. A place to discover yourself and learn about the things that matter most in life. It’s a place where you can face yourself and be inspired to be the best you that you can be.

I believe that there are two things you need to master to Live Freely. The first thing is your yourself, the second is money, both can master, and this blog is your bible to all things you need To Live Freely.

That is why this blog is broken into three parts.

The Blog

The place where Mental Health meets Life. Here you will find tips on how to manage your stress, all things mental health, and most importantly Embrace yourself.

Because you will truly begin to live life when you have established the right mindset.

The one thing we never learn beside discovering and embracing ourselves is how important our mental health is.

So, take it from a social worker (that’s me Nelle) your mental health is very important. It is the foundation of who you are. That is why when you embark on the journey To Live Freely our mental health will be the first thing we work on.

Now our money…

Money Matter

This is where we manage one of the most important parts of our lives. Money saving tips, a budget, bill organization and so much more will be tackled here in this section.

Let’s face it we all have problems with or without money. Money management was something I was expected to know how to do but never taught. Somewhere along the way, the correlation of our lives and money was overlooked.

That is why we have to address it if we want to live freely. Money makes up a very important part of our lives. The way we manage it and deal with it say a lot about who we are and where our priorities are.

YOU CAN’T LIVE FREELY​ if you are living paycheck to paycheck. That is why Money Matters is there to help you.

Lastly, travel…


Lastly, there’s travel. I have to admit I did not think that this was not an important part of life until I did it. Until I got on a plane, I could only have dreamed of traveling and seeing places I’ve only heard about.

That is why this page exist. This is where we get to experience the world that seem so far out of our reach together. This life is too short to live it indoors or to stay in one place.  

To truly be inspired you must see first-hand what it looks like to live the life you want. I want to share with you what it means to chase the dreams that sit in the corner of your hearts.

What it looks like to face your fears. To kiss the society behind and live the life we truly are met to live. To see the world for what it truly is, a messed up, painful, but beautifully fragile place.

And if by chance you catch the wanderlust bug then I know that you have been truly inspired To Live Freely.

Let’s Embrace ourselves and be Inspire To Live Freely together.


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