The Perfect Red Dress

New York & Company Style December Challenge

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Well IT”S FINALLY HERE!!! HOHOHO DECEMBER HAS ARRIVED. And with the arival of this beuatiful month we get another amazing NEW YORK & COMPANY challenge with the #teampriiincesss. If you missed last months challenege check it out here. It was awesome if i must say so myself. So this month is all about the jingle bells, the red, the glitter and that is why I very agreeably rocked this New York & Company Metallic Dolman Sweater Dress. Yes, it was wayyyy out of my comfort zone but I rocked it well and I am proud of myself. Welcome to the New York and Compnay Style Challenge: Metallic Dolman Sweater Dress review or in other words the perfect red dress.


This dress was way out of my comfort zone and that’s why I kept it.

This decade had been really hard for me. It was a crazy time in my life. It knocked me down, and then dropped me like a watermellon. It’s no woender i am still here. But it was also the decade i decided to step out of my comfrot zone and explore who i was as a black women and a person. So putting on this Metallic Dolman Sweater Dress was wayyyy out of my comfort zone. With that being said the only thing left for me to do was keep it.

I know it sounds crazy but this dress would not have been something that I would wear on a regular basis. I felt exposed, and it accentuates all the palces that I did not like. And it was scary to wear outside. But like a brave soldier who has decided to run head firtst into battle (if that is a thing), I wore it proudly. Anyways this is my recap of the dress but don’t forget to check out the team. I know my girl Dani is rocking it in style so check her out here at and our awesome boss lady Priiincesss form

The Perfect Red Dress



If this dress isn’t the perfect holiday party dress then I don’t know what it. The boatneck and ribbed-knit trim hug and expose you in all the right places. Or as it is described on the site “A hint of shimmer illuminates a subtle ribbed-knit texture on our dolman sweater dress, finished with a graceful, feminine bateau-neck silhouette.” To be honest it’s true just check out my pics. I definitely look graceful and feminine.

The Perfect Red Dress


The Perfect Red Dress

A hint of shimmer illuminates a subtle ribbed-knit texture on our dolman sweater dress, finished with a graceful, feminine bateau-neck silhouette..

The best part about this dress is if you are looking for that little red dress of the perfect red dress for those holiday parties then look no further than this Dolamn dress. Not only will you shine but heads will turn as you strut your stuff in this dress. 

The question is often asked what shoes go with a red dress? I wore this one with these awesome black boots because it is officially boots season in my world. But you can also rock some silver shoes, black sandals, and some nudes heels with this dress as well. And if you are feeling bold asking yourself if you can wear red shoes with a red dress. Then the answer is of course yes. Our girl Priiincess from is rocking hers that way and she is making a statement.

The Perfect Red Dress

And if you are wondering about the price of this lovely dress. I would grab it today. Because it is on sale right now for $16.99 right on time for the beginning of this Christmas season. There you have it folks the Perfect Red Dress for those awesome Christmas parties. New York and Company have done it again. Of course, #teampriiincesss had to bring you a holiday dress that would be the hit of the party. Let me know how you wear yours. 

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  • Latravia Jazi
    December 2, 2019

    The dress is nice boo. And yes, it is wayyyy out your comfort zone and mine as well. But it’s nice and feminine.

    • Nelle
      January 7, 2020

      Thank you girl.

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The Perfect Red Dress