Taking Your Own Photos As A Blogger

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Taking Your Own Photos As A  Blogger

I finally did it!!! For the first time in this blogging journey, I took my own photos. OH Boy, it was hard. Now I finally know what taking your own photos as a blogger feels like. And it was very different.

Here’s how it happened. I wanted to take pictures of myself in this new romper. All for the style challenge that I do every month with the best team in the world. #TeamPriiincesss. My girls @iampriiincess and @iam_dansmith and make it our goal to show you guys the same look. But for three different way of life.

Since travel is my thing. I decided to travel to the next city from my home because the hurricane did not allow anyone to travel anywhere. (Thank you, hurricane Dorian.) Anyways, I grabbed my camera and told my photographer.

“hey girl I got this.”

Of course she was at work at the time and was like “do you boo.” And I did. So here are the tips you need to know if you are stuck taking your own photos as blogger . Especially travel photos when you go explore the world.

Taking Your Own Photos As A  Blogger

It’s Wierd.

The first thing you will need to get over is how weird it is. Having a whole camera in front of you with no one behind it feels WIERD. That is why I am preparing you for that feeling now. But when you are feeling yourself like I was in this romper you won’t really care. At least after a while. To be honest this romper from New York and Company did make it easy. It was lightweight and I paired it with my Jessica Simpson wedges and I was a fashion model.

The people at the park did of course stop to stare but it was mostly for support. To watch me break free from my comfort zone and do something different. That is what travel is all about and taking your own photo’s will definitely get you there.

Bring Everything You Need

The second tip for taking your own photos as a blogger is to bring all your materials. Trust me you will thank me later when you don’t have to run back and forth to your car. Better yet if you are stuck in a place where you don’t have a car. One thing I do to avoid this is to travel with a backpack.

I always have my trust pack with me. She has everything I need to make travel easier and life easier. And I suggest you carry something with you that will make it easy for you to hold all your equipment.

Get A Remote

The one mistake I made is that I did not have a remote for my camera. Turned out I did not know that I needed one. Don’t be like me. Get yourself a remote so that it makes snapping your photos easier. It would have made my life easier. Instead I found myself running up to the camera and pressing the timer and then running to my spot. Learn from my mistake.

Location IS Key

Okay, so you’re in that new city looking around and being a tourist. One thing I do is not only do I sight see. But I am scoping the place for the best location to take my photos. The best location doesn’t mean the most crowded location. But somewhere you can set up and take your photo’s in peace.

For me, I was in one of my chill weekends. Where I take off work and do a staycation. Here in Florida, it’s hurricane season so I knew flying or going somewhere far was not an option. But I know Florida has a lot of great parks. Before I went to the mall, another of my favorite past times on my staycations, I decided to go to a new park. And the pictures turned out great.

Taking Your Own Photos As A  Blogger

And Action

You know how they take multiple shots in a movie. Well, if you are taking your own pictures as a blogger get ready for multiple shots. Before I can showcase these awesome first-time pictures. I had to take like 60 photos. And these are the ones I was able to use. That’s just the reality.

The Right Outfit

The one secret that I think really make a picture pop is having the right clothes on your body. The right outfit will make you feel pretty and happy. This attitude will show when you stand in front of the camera. At least it did for me.

It’s one thing to take your own photos and the best way to break free from being shy is to look really good. Looking really good is fun.

This romper from New York and Company was a really nice romper. I did however order it online and the size I choose was not the right size. It was bigger by one size. But that didn’t stop me from feeling like million bucks in it. And because I felt like a million bucks I was able to overcome that weird feeling and just have fun in front of the camera. It was great!!!

The romper did not feel too hot and being out in the sun I felt like I could still wear it. It may not matter to you but when you travel you want to wear clothes that you can be in for a while and the romper was definitely it. Me and my romper painted the street coral because that was the color I choose.

That’s all for now folks. If You missed the last couple of months style challenge. Check them out here.

Don’t forget to pin with me on Pinterest the pin is down there. Come hang with me on facebook. But chat with me on Instagram I’m always there.
Taking Your Own Photos As A  Blogger

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Taking Your Own Photos As A  Blogger