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Summer outfit inspiration: Repurposing Those Spring Maxi Dresses

Summer outfit inspiration: Repurposing Those Spring Maxi Dresses
Summer outfit inspiration: Repurposing Those Spring Maxi Dresses

You know how in the spring you buy all these maxi dresses. Then summer hits and you look at your closet for summer outfit inspiration and all you see are those dresses. 

Well, who’s stopping you from wearing your maxi dresses? The answer to that is no one. No one is stopping you from wearing them.

I mean come on people I am not rich. And chances are neither are you. Our closets need to be versatile. Not only are those maxi dresses airy and lightweight. They also provide you with the right coverage you need to stay cool and modest at the same time. 

I mean summer is all about not being too hot. At least for me, it is. I live in sunny south Florida and I need to be comfortable but yet stylish and modest all summer. And those spring maxi dresses. Make great summer dresses.  I say if you need some summer outfit inspiration look at the maxi dresses in your closet. 

Let’s take this yellow one for example. It has been in my closet for years and all I do is wear it during spring. But as I rummage through my closet this summer, I realize that I can repurpose it for summer. It provides the right amount of coverage, so I don’t need to wear a jacket. 

No need to run out and buy a whole new closet for the summer but simply using what you have is enough. The point is creativity. Style is all about the expression of who you are. Why not express yourself with something that is in your closet. 

Summer outfit inspirations won’t just come from the big magazines. But can come from you as well. It’s all about how you choose to participate in the self-expression. And if the summer trend is bright colors. Which it is these immersions. Wear the maxi dress that has ​bright colors on them. 

Summer outfit inspiration: Repurposing Those Spring Maxi Dresses

And that all folks the summer outfit inspiration to get you through the summer. Per usual don’t forget to pin with me on Pinterest, or interact with me on Instagram. And if you are brave hangout with me on Facebook.  I would love to hear from you. Share this post with youfriends. 


  • Trey

    I agree! We do spend money on unnecessary clothing instead of recycling the ones we have. And sometimes, it becomes a long search for those chosen few dresses when you’re busting.

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