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Pack Like A Pro: Traveling With A Carry On Only.

Pack Like A Pro: Traveling With A Carry On Only.

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!!! I am heading to Houston at the end of the month. AND I AM SOOOO EXCITED. I can’t wait for the pictures and adventures that I am going to have. But I wanted to share how I am packing like a pro. So, welcome to Pack Like A Pro: Traveling With A Carry On Only.

Yes, I Said carry on only. If you have not been traveling with one carry on only don’t worry, I am going to tell you why and how you should pack it.

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Carry on Only Keeps You Packing Light.

The first time I left the states I carried a full suitcase. I struggled through the Haiti airport like a crazy person. And the struggle was real. I can still feel the bit of sweat rolling down my cheeks as I pulled my suitcase behind me. To make matters worse, I over packed because I had “room” in my suitcase.

Then by the grace of God, I was introduced to a carry on packing only method and it was life-altering, life-changing, and any other life plus adjective you can think of. It allowed me to do so much more and took away almost all the stress of packing from my life.

  • I was not over packing
  • I was packing only what I need
  • And it was lighter to carry
  • Check in at the airport was a breeze.

All those reasons and more make carry on only travel the best. And something worth trying. But your still asking what are the tips and tricks I need to pack a carry on Nelle?

No stress Y’all know I am about to drop some mad wisdom on y’all. (Okay so I guess this post I might be a little gangster.)

Plan Those Outfits

Pack Like A Pro: Traveling With A Carry On Only.

The first thing that you need to do when you travel with a carry on only is preplan. Preplan all the outfits that you are going to wear. Even the ones you are bringing just in case.

Y’all know I’m a planner when it comes to traveling. I plan things so that I can take the stress off me.

If your anything like me then you need to plan those outfits. I start planning those outfits the day I buy the tickets. That means I am aware of what I am going to wear and what I will bring just in case.

I don’t think you will be a successful carry on only packer if you don’t plan your outfit. Right down to the shoes you are going to wear.

Multipurpose Packing

Okay so you know how I told you to plan. While you are planning, I need to mention a very important part. Finding the outfits that are multipurpose.

For us who don’t know, multipurpose outfits are those outfits that you can wear different ways. This way you don’t have to pack everything, and you save space.

For example, pick three center pieces. Like a pair of jeans or a dress and a pair of shoes that multipurpose. That one pair of shoes that can be dressed up or down and you can walk long periods of time in.

The same goes for the dress, the pair of jeans, that shirt and so on. Personally, If I am going for a week I pack about three multipurpose outfits that I can alternate.

Don’t Forget The Back up.

Pack Like A Pro: Traveling With A Carry On Only.
Pack Like A Pro: Traveling With A Carry On Only.

Now that you have planned your outfits and shoes. Plus, you have those multipurpose outfits in mind. Don’t forget your back up outfit. You need at least one. And I would also make it multipurpose.


Because you never know what can happen. And I am a person who likes to be prepared. That means if something ruins your outfit you have a backup. Or if your shoe break or something crazy like that you have your back up.

Do You Have A Pack Toilet Bag?

Yes, a prepack toilet bag has revolutionize my life. It has done me so right that I am planning a whole post about it. Stay tuned for that.

What is a prepacked toilet bag anyways?

Well it a a bag that you prepack with all your toiletries essential. Never unpack it.

Take everything that you love to use to take a shower, do your hair, and feminine products. And buy them also in travel size. Then get a make-up bag. And put all that stuff in. This makeup bag is put in your empty carry on for you to always be ready to get on the road.

Maximize The Space

Pack Like A Pro: Traveling With A Carry On Only.
Pack Like A Pro: Traveling With A Carry On Only.

One thing I had to learn about a carry on is how to maximize the space in it. That means use all the compartments in the luggage and don’t forget to roll your clothes.

I always roll my clothes when I pack any luggage. A trick for ultimate maximization is to roll your clothes by outfits together. That means if I packed a pair of jeans and a couple of shirts that go with the jeans. I roll my shirts and my jean together. First, this saves me time rolling everything separately and secondly, it saves me space.

In addition to all the space and time I am saving, my clothes don’t get wrinkled and I am maximizing the space. Secondly, I have learned to use the compartments that the suitcase comes with.

Me telling you to maximize the compartments may sound silly but it’s something that I did not remember to do. Like I always say learn from others mistake save yourself the trouble of making your own.

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