New York & Company Mixed Print Fall Dress

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Plus Werk, Pray & Slay

Happy Monday!!! And we are back with another month and of course NEW AND COMPANY STYLE CHALLENGE. That means that you should check out the rest of the Priiincesss team. My girl Dani Smith and Priiincesss are all killing this dress. The boss lady Priiincesss even used it as a feature in her stock photos for this month. And the stock photos are free, grab yours here.

 New York & Company Mixed Print Fall Dress

Two months ago I was sitting in my room. Of course, I was binge-watching something per usual and my homegirl Cindy from gave me a call. She excitedly asked me if I wanted to go to WERK, SLAY, & PRAY. 

Um yes, I said yes. I would have been an idiot to say no. So now I am super excited and heading to WORK, SLAY, & PRAY.  So why not make it a work, pray, and slay New York And Company Style weekend? 

 New York & Company Mixed Print Fall Dress

What is Werk, Pray, & Slay?

It’s a community created by Koereyelle. A boss babe who is doing it all and teaching other boss babes how to do it too. Her mission is to educated and empower women to live the life that they want to live and LOVE! she does it all and if you are looking for the right mentor and support group then this group just might be for you. 

Werk is for dedicating the life you live to achieve the life you want and your dreams. Pray is there to ground you spiritually. And lastly, Slay will get you tighter in showing out while celebrating your success. And I am excited to go to this empowerment weekend. 

Therefore it is imperative that I come dressed and prepared to not only meet amazing women but also finally get that much-needed network in. That is why New and Company are getting me together. 

What I’m Wearing

New York and Company have actually always been a store that I like to shop in. But ever since we started these style challenges I have officially fallen in love. And I am in love with this mix-print dress and it is giving me life. It is flowy and down to earth. The mix-prints bring it to life and the best part of the dress for me is the tiered skirt. 

The tiered skirt makes you want to twist and shout. At least it did for me. The chiffon sleeves with flounced cuffs really add the finishing touch that the dress needed. When I first told my friend that this dress was the one I was getting she became upset because she wanted it first. Well, all I have to say is that is TOO BAD! This dress sits on me like we have been best friends our whole lives. I am loving it.

 New York & Company Mixed Print Fall Dress

Its the perfect dress for this fall season and can be worn in for any occasion. I almost wore it with combat boots but I decided to classy it up instead. That is the magic of this dress. It gives you the power to play around with it and style it any way that you want.

Of course, I paired it with my favorite mustard heels and a green clutch that I found in my friend’s closet that has not been worn. I threw on my favorite pair of clod earings and I was in my zone feeling like no one could touch me. 

 New York & Company Mixed Print Fall Dress

Again I have to say thank you to New York and Company because this has been one of my favorite dresses so far from them. 

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Dress: New York and Company

Shoes: Friends Closet

Clutch: Target


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New York & Company Mixed Print Fall Dress