New York & Company March Challenge

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New York & Company March Challenge

It’s that time again. If you are new to the blog and wondering what I am talking about. It is the time for the New York & Company Style challenge. This month I’m calling it the New York & Company March Challenge. 

And #teampriiincesss is showcasing the Red Off-the-shoulder jacket from the 7th avenue collection. A collection by the one and only Gabriella Union. 

Of course, you are here to check out my take on it. But don’t forget to check out the other members of the team and how they wore this awesome jacket. 

If you don’t know the #teampriiincesss then go ahead and check out our girl Dani from and priiincesss from 

New York & Company March Challenge

 New York & Company Has Stolen My Heart 

Before I can even begin sharing my thoughts on this off-the-shoulder jacket. I have to take a moment to admit that I have fallen in love with New York & Company. 

Yes, it’s real love and I think this relationship is going to last for a while. At least this month it is all about our love affair. So if you have not fallen in love with this company. Check out some of my past recap about there awesomeness. 

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New York & Company March Challenge


Turns out I am not a big fan of Gabrielle Union. I am not hating on her I am just not a big fan of hers. But that does not mean I don’t give sis props where she deserves it.

 Because her &th Avenue collection at New York and Company is the BOMB!So far I have worn 2 pieces form her collection and both pieces have been amazing. And this Red Off-the-shoulder jacket is another success story. 

My Thoughts 

When our team leader priiincesss first chose the Red Off-the-shoulder jacket. My head spin because of the price for the jacket (don’t worry I will tell you later.) It was not my favorite thing. 

Mostly because your girl is cheap. However, I am a team player. Marching my cute butt down to the store I purchase the jacket.

 Little did I know that when I put it on I would be in love. Well not like real love but I did enjoy the jacket. 

The jacket is lined with the soft polyester that hugs you when you wear it. with its vibrant red color, the jacket popped on my darks skin. And I liked that. 

Putting it on I felt like I was going to a business meeting and everyone in the room had to stand up when I entered. 

If you are looking for that POWER jacket then I recommend this jacket. It will make you feel like a strong powerful woman. Especially in March. If you didn’t know it is women’s history month. 

The Little Details 

The jacket does run a little bit small so I recommend that you go a size up if you choose to buy it. However, the one critique that I have is that the top part of the jacket. The seam and the hanging tags stick out and I had a small issue making sure it didn’t show. 

Other than that this jacket is worth the 99.95 that it is currently going for. But it’s New York & Company they always have a sale going on. In the end, you can get it for much cheaper. 

New York & Company March Challenge

Let me know what you think about the look. I can’t wait to hear from you. In the meantime come pin with me on Pinterest share with me on Instagram and hang out with me on Facebook.

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