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My Experience Flying Southwest Airlines

My experience flying Southwest Airlines

[dropcap custom_class=”whb”]Happy TRAVEL FRIDAY!!! Y’all know I’m bringing that back. Anyways let’s get started. Here’s a little secret. A good experience with your airline can set the mood for your trip. That is why it is important to find the right airline to travel with. I just came from Atlanta and flew with Southwest Airlines. And I have to admit it was a great experience. So here Is my experience flying Southwest Airlines.[/dropcap]

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Disclaimer: my experience was on morning flights. The first flights of the day, so experience might be different depending on the time of day. With that being said, let’s dive in.

Easy: Low fares, and easy check-in.

To begin with, Southwest Airlines made it easy to fly with them. That hustle and bustle of the airport were nonexistent. I did not have to rush or run to catch my flight. The flight wasn’t delayed or canceled like most airlines. ( And nothing gets on my nerves like a delayed flight. I didn’t delay paying for the flight. Why delay bringing me to my location?) Lastly, there was adequate communication from the crew so you were not in the dark.

All of that combined with the low fares and easy check-in made this flight one of my favorite and most pleasant one so far. And when it came time for me to check in my bags there was a person manning the station so I did not have to stand around like a lost child looking for their mother. You know that feeling when you are looking for someone who works somewhere and they are nowhere to be found. Well, not at Southwest. At least in my experience.

Great seats

Another reason my experience with Southwest Airlines was really good is that you get to choose your seats. I know what you must be thinking “that sounds scary” and to be honest IT IS.

However, as a person who is trying to step out of her comfort zone, choosing my seat is a great way to meet people. I like not having my seats assigned. This way I get better seats and in my book that’s alright. Also if force me to speak up for myself.

Nice crew

Last but not least my experience flying Southwest Airlines was pleasant because of the crew. I flew a morning flight and the crew both going and coming was amazing. Even though it was morning they were not grumpy. They were friendly helpful and welcoming. As a customer it made me feel good.

In conclusion, I will fly with Southwest Airlines again. Just because I want to see if my experience differs. However, they have gained themselves a customer. My experience flying Southwest was very pleasant. And I would fly them again and recommended them.

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