How to treat yourself to a meal on a budget.

You’re walking down that one street in your city. You know the one with all the restaurants and all the smiling faces. People sitting outside smiling and talking to one another while sipping on their coffee’s and teas.

You look down in shame because your budget doesn’t allow a leisure meal because the plan your following forbids eating out. 

So instead you walk with your head straight not looking on either side as you repeat your mantra in your head “I have food at home, I have food at home.” 

Well I have one question for you. “Is it a matter of having food at home or being able to treat yourself?”

I know what you’re thinking “But I was told it was not worth it to treat myself to a meal.” or “I have to live poor so that I can save money and pay off my debt.”

I agree you need to save and follow your budgeting plan but that doesn’t mean that you have to live like a hermit or better yet like Sméagol catching whatever the wind blows your way. (That ladies and gent’s was a Lord of The Rings reference).

Well what’s a human to do?

The only way you are going to succeed in your budgeting journey is not to deny yourself but to know how to work with the budget you have set for yourself wisely.

I can hear you now. “How do I do that Nelle. Please help me.” 

OKAY okay! calm down you sound hungry. 

At least like you haven’t had a burger in months. So, let me stop torturing you with my long intro and give you the Tea. So here we go. 

A Budget works for you

First thing first I want to make sure you know is the role of a budget.

A budget is there to work for you not against you.

Budgeting is not a diet (A thing that I can’t do. Clearly because I’m writing a post about wanting to eat. And you can’t judge me because you’re here trying to figure out how you can eat too)

A budget is there to make sure that you have a plan for your money. That means you are allow to do with it what you want and what works for you. Don’t live to follow your budget but know yourself and what your budget needs to do for you. 

Always budget with a goal in mind and that makes it easier for you to work with it. 

Plan plan plan 

You are already planning every part of your budget why not plan for the part where you treat yourself. That means when you do your budget at the beginning of the month, and after you have budget out all your obligations, take some time to budget a meal or two out. 

For example, I budget my money every month. I know that I would want to go out and eat with friends or buy myself something good to eat. Especially when I am stress about my job. 

(yes sometimes I stress eat. I am working on it.)

I just want to treat myself to that meal that makes my hard day worth it. (Not that I’m using food to reward myself and if I was this is a no judgement zone.)

Here’s how I do it. I pick a dollar amount. Let’s say I pick 25 dollars. I know that 25 dollars is all I have for the month to treat myself to a meal. 

Throughout the month I stay alert and continuously look for a place that I would like to spend that money. Especially, since I am a social worker and a person who value Self-care. I am constantly looking out to where and how I can do that. 

Then when I need to, I spend that money. Nothing more and sometimes I spend less. and viola simple and to the point. 

Now you know there is no need to go hungry on a budget. Just plan it and do it. This way you are allowing yourself To Live Freely.  


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