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Look The Part: The Dress Giving Me Life This Month.

If you’re anything like me fashion is your passion. For me, and took take it further it’s not just a passion but my way of life. The clothes I wear kind of define who I am. I put great care into finding the right dress to wear. Especially since I wear dresses only and skirts. 

No, I’m not weird I wear them out of choice. 

The Dress Giving Me Life This Month.

They make me feel pretty and finding one that fits well is a challenge. Until I found out about this site. The clothes are affordable and I have to admit it’s worth it.

The Dress Giving Me Life This Month.

For example, the dark green color of this dress and midi length made me feel special and flowy. I have to admit this dress is bringing me life this month. It sits well in all the right places. And it is the perfect length for the office and dates. I love the way it flows down around me without getting in my way.

The Dress Giving Me Life This Month.

It is a rare gem found on this site. Coupled with the right bag it is turning heads and giving me life this week.


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