How To Set Powerful Goals and Achieve Them.

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A quick guide to actually achieving those goals.

How To Set Powerful Goals And Achieve Them

Recently I was on Instagram and feeling stuck on how I am to achieve my goals as a blogger, a person, and my life. I have to admit this girl was down. I was getting by once again with a heavy heart and mind. Until it hit me. I was stuck because I was trying to work on a powerful goal and not focusing on the steps that will get me there. 

This revelation honestly pulled me out of the funk. It forced me to look at the bigger picture and break it down into smaller pieces. I now have a bigger picture of what I am doing. All I had to do was write down the original goal and steps of how to get there. Those steps, in turn, became their own goals. 

In this way, I can easily accomplish my goal. Here’s why I chose to do it this way and why you should too.

But First

What makes a goal powerful? The answer is simple. A powerful goal is one that is too big for us. An amazing goal that has the potential to propel us forward in the area of our life we set it for. The one that is scary and seems hard. That is what I call a powerful goal.

The goal is Too Powerful

Setting goals is a good way to achieve something in life. I think if you want to succeed you should set goals for yourself. With goals, you always have something your working towards. However, when we set our goals, we automatically set the big or powerful ones. Afterward, we notice how big or powerful the goal is and get stuck. Even worse we give up.

That’s because we forget to set the steps to achieve those big powerful goal. When we set the steps to achieve the goal then we are more incline to achieve it. Writing down do steps and making them a goal all in themselves will work wonders for your motivation. 

You will find that the goal is not as big or as powerful as you originally thought. Go ahead and grab a piece of paper and start planning out that powerful goal. Write down the steps of the goal. Then take those steps and turn them into little goals. You will be surprised how motivated you are to continue on your journey to achieving your goal once you have a clearer picture. 

My saying is …

work on the small to achieve the big.

How To Set Powerful Goals and Achieve Them

A clearer picture of the Powerful plan as a whole 

Often times we set a powerful goal or goals but don’t have a clearer picture of how to achieve the goal we set. The reason why that we don’t have a picture of what the goal is supposed to look like. 

Having a clear picture of the steps you need to take to achieve your goal will help you actually get to where you want to be. It takes the guessing work out of achieving your set goal. It provides you with a plan of action that will help you succeed. Without an action plan, you will not get far in those goals. 

My goal is to move to a new place at the end of this month. I want to be in a new city doing something new. That means I have to plan it out. Know my powerful goals and the steps I need to achieve them. When I have the steps then I can make those steps into goals to achieve. In the end, I have the whole picture.

Be more aware

I have a really bad character flaw. I am very absent-minded. People who know me have to tell me something about 4 times before I remember. If I need to do something I have to do it right then and there because if I don’t I will forget. I also have to write everything down so that I can remember them. Writing everything down helps me stay aware of what I have to do. 

When you break down your powerful goal into steps and turn those steps into smaller achievable goals. You are more aware of what you are working towards. It is easy to say you are doing something and are not aware of what is going on. Do what you need to do to makes sure you always have an awareness of what your goal is. 

That is why you need to break down the goal so that you are more aware. You need to know the ends and outs of how to achieve the goal you have set out to achieve. This way you are aware of your progress, what you have done, and so much more.

Celebrate small victories 

In the world of psychology, we tell our clients “celebrate the small victories.” 

Well, the same goes for us who are trying to achieve something big or powerful. We need to be able to celebrate the small victories. The question is how do you celebrate small victories when your goal is powerful?

That is what the plan to goal method is so effective. It gives you something to celebrate therefore it keeps you motivated. 

Without motivation, it is hard to achieve a goal. If you are not motivated, you will not be very effective in achieving what you set out to do. That is why the plan to goal method is so effective. 

It allows you to see the progress and reward of what you set out to achieve. Thus, giving you the boost, you need to continue. 

Final thoughts

That’s it folks that are the key to success. Don’t just set a goal. Plan it out and get yourself to the place you want to be by planning it out. Those who succeed are those with a plan. And I know you can do it. 

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