How to Overcome Body Image Insecurities.

In this day and age, we are constantly bombarded with what media consider to be the ideal beauty. These standards of beauty are so far-fetched that it is impossible for the average person to keep up. It is everywhere in magazines, television, movies, and much more.

Trust me it can get overwhelming. Often forcing us to ask, “what is a girl to do?” Of course, we would ask that question when so many new products and methods are coming out every day geared to helping us enhance our beauty. Especially when we realize the standard of beauty only works for one person. The person promoting it.

I’m sorry to say none of us can look like Gal Gadot because we are a whole different person. She is beautiful in her own right. And, unless you can convince God to rebirth you like her. It’s never going to happen. The same goes for the Priyanka’s, Beyoncé’s, and the Zendaya’s of the world. The truth of the matter is all of us look nothing like them. 

Since no amount of make-up, creams, or other products created to force us to conform will ever change who we are. Then how do we overcome the body image insecurities that our culture has forced upon us?

That is not an easy question to answer. Nor is it an easy fix. It does however start by choosing to be you and embrace yourself.

I watched this interesting movie on Netflix called Dumplin. It’s about this young woman who was blessed with a beauty queen for a mother. But struggles with body image and self-love because her world was a world filled with constant comparisons.

Throughout the movie, this girl fights to win a pageant because she had something to prove. However, she ran into failures after failures until one day She meets a friend of her aunt who told her a very profound thing.

“Find out who you are and be that person on purpose”

And this should be our motto as we struggle with our bodies, insecurities, and ourselves. Healing comes when we embark on the journey to embrace who we are. It won’t just happen until we understand what this journey of self-embrace is all about. These truths will set us free and if we truly practice them. We will be able to walk down the street with our heads held high. 

The goal is to say to the world “here I am” while standing tall and proud. Here they are the truths that will start you off in the journey to embracing yourself.

Everybody is Different.

The first truth we need to know and remember is that everybody is different. If this sounds cliché then you’re right because it does. However, that doesn’t make it any less true. Until we understand this truth we will always be controlled by our insecurities. 

Let’s use me for example, the truth of the matter is I’m born me. I wish I had the hips of my friend, the hair that stays where I put it, or the arms of the lady next to me at the gym, better yet the height of an average person.

Instead, I am shortest one out of my friend group, the one with the petite body and the butt that often feels out of place. But it’s who I am. I am not them and will never be them. I can’t wear the clothes they wear, do my hair like them, or even stand as tall. All because they are them and I am me. 

That is why they are different, and I am different. Together we bring out the best of each other. We laugh together and cry together. If we looked the same, we would not have the wisdom to share in each other’s pain or the advice to give one another when we are dealing with our own insecurities.

That is why this truth is important to understand 

When we are different, we are better able to support each other. 

How to overcome body image insecurities

 You’re Not Alone 

The second truth you need to understand is that you’re not alone. You know how you don’t like your arms, or how you are overcritical about your hair? Remeber-

Everyone struggles with body insecurities. 

This truth is often hard to swallow. Because at the end of the day we like to think we are the only ones in our struggles. But we are not others suffer from these insecurities just like we do. Or this post wouldn’t exist. 

Granted others may not struggle with the same body insecurities as you and me. But they are struggling and are looking for a solution just like we are. So, cheer up we are not in this alone. 

Be Nice.

If all I have said so far did not spark a revolution in, you. Turn your world around and your perspective then this truth should.


I mean really, it’s not a joke but truth. We spend so much of our time being nice to others. Holding doors, holding back, and encouraging them. But we put no effort into ourselves. In fact, we are overcritical of ourselves. 

Here’s an activity, actually listen to yourself when you speak about yourself. And you will notice how mean you are. How over critical you sound, and how much pain you carry in your voice. That is why this truth is important. 

All of that is called self-talk. It is the conversation we are having internally with ourselves. And most times that conversation is not a good one. Or even one we want to be part of. If we listen, you how we speak to ourselves we will be so discouraged about what we sound like. 

Do yourselves a favor and be nice to yourself. Change the conversation by allowing that same grace you give to others to yourself. 

Focus on other things

What we focus on usually has an impact on us. And that is why this truth is life changing. We need to change our focus from our insecurities to other things that we find bring us joy. It is common knowledge that the more inwardly focus you are the more unhappy you will become. 

Change your focus. Instead of staring at yourself in the mirror why not go enjoy the people who are in your life. Instead of countless hours staring and coveting the image of another person. Why not do something for someone who needs it. 

Go out and help someone, work at a food pantry, get more involved in church, and get out of your head. This is so important and something that we don’t do enough of. Focus on doing something for others instead of sitting around wishing you look like them. 

How to overcome body image insecurities

Make A List 

The last tip on How to Overcome Body Image Insecurities is to make a list. This is not a truth but an exercise that will start you on the journey of overcoming body insecurities. Make a list of everything you love about yourself. Don’t just write about physical things. Because you are not just physical. 

You are beautiful inside and out. List the things you like that makes you the person you are. List at least 10 things. Then carry that list with you as a reminder of who you are. When you run into that person who has the “perfect” arms or the hair of your dreams. You will remember the things that make you smile about yourself. 

Last thoughts

The last thing you should consider is this. Instead of fighting your insecurities or trying to fix them. Why not embrace them. But that’s another post for another day. Let me know your thoughts on How to Overcome Body Image Insecurities. And the way you overcome your body image insecurities.

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