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The Sun And Her Flowers Book Review

I love quotes and poetry. and I have to admit I spend a lot of time on Pinterest creating the perfect board. And if you want to pin with me, check out the board by clicking here. And as I continued on my pinning expedition, I discovered something interesting.

Many of the poems I was pinning one day were from the same author. Of course, I am curious to a fault. I decided to search out this author. That’s when my love affair started, and I hopped on Amazon and purchased “the sun and her Flowers”.

the sun and her Flowers

Needless to say, I loved it. “the sun and her Flowers” is a book that takes you on a poetic adventure of love, pain, appreciation, and self-acceptance. And from the first poem, I was hooked. 

Rupi Kaur is an amazing writer. The beauty of her book is that it is an expression of what she has gone through. The poems feel like they have been ripped out of her life and unto the page. 

She has a way of taking you along on the journey with her as she expresses herself through her art. Honestly, her writing feels like reading art. And not many writers can express their soul through their poetry anymore in this day and age.

I learned so much from this book about me, life, and human experience. I recommend this book to anyone. Go on and read girl or boy. Reading is for everyone.  

Last Thoughts

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