Black FANgirl Corner: Crisis on Infinite Earths

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GOOD MORNING FANGIRLS. I am excited about all things CW today. Wh? well, good question. The fangirl in me is SCREAMING with excitement. And I am preparing for i. I have looked up when the episodes are coming and I have them marked on my calendar. 

If you are wondering what the schedule looks like here it is: 

  • Dec 8: Supergirl will air “Part One” 
  • Dec 9: Batwoman will air “Part Two” 
  • Dec 10: The Flash will air “Part Three” 
  • Jan 14: Arrow will air “Part Four” 
  • Jane 14: Legends of Tomorrow will air “Part Five” 

Thank you IGN for this amazing schedule and you guys can read the article here that breaks down everyone who is going to be in the episode.

This Crisis is a much-needed one since the Arrowverse is about to take a hit with the ending of the Arrow. (Which I am sad about but will survive as long as I have Barry Allen by my side.)

I know that I will be turning in and catching these amazing episodes and probably the farewell to my beloved Oliver. But this is something to look forward to. I mean it’s the lease the TV world can do for us since they produced the atrocity known as Doctor Who seasons 12 with Jodie Whittaker. In my opinion, the worst doctor to ever grace us with her presence. I can’t wait for this acting nightmare to be over. I need a new Doctor and I need him/her now. Or at least someone who can act to play the role. 

I digress. It is not about the doctor now it is about The Arroverse and the excitement for this up and coming crisis. I cant wait to see all my heroes together once again. And that is enough for me. Thank you TV world for bringing me triumph.

My last word to us fangirls is this. I would make sure my cable bill is paid. Check to make sure the computer viruses are cleaned out. And that my favorite internet databases (cough cough) and VPN are ready to go. Until next time I am hoping t live-tweet the whole thing is I am able. So check me out on twitter. 

By the way, the cover photo is courtesy of mypostercollection. Check them out.


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Black FANgirl Corner
Black FANgirl Corner: Crisis on Infinite Earths