Airport Fashion: All You Need To Know About It + Style Challenge.

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Airport Fashion: All you need to Know about it.

Airport fashion has been the thing in Korea since I can remember. It is a way of life that has only recently made waves here in the US. Over the last couple of years or so, it has become extremely popular. So, what exactly is airport fashion? 

In this post, I want to answer all those burning questions and more about this idea of airport fashion. But before I even get into it I just wanted to let you know this style challenge with my girl iam.priiincesss and my girl Dani Smith.

What Is It?

Airport Fashion: All You Need To Know About It

Well, it is the way you dress to the airport. Airport fashion is as I would put it a concept that one follows. It really is not difficult to do, and the concept is easy to understand. Think of the airport as a runway. What would you like to look like if paparazzi were taking pictures of you?  When you are thinking about putting together an outfit imagine the lights, people screaming your name, as you strut yourself down the runway. 

How To Dress.

Airport Fashion: All you need to Know about it.

Okay now that you know what airport fashion is. You need to know the rules that you need to follow so that you can effectively follow the concept. There are only three rules you need to know for effective airport fashion. The first is always wear sensible shoes. I love heels like the next girl. That means those heels can’t be too high. Because walking through the airport is not a joke. So, make sure you can handle it. 

The next rule is to wear something comfortable. Think of comfortability when you are choosing the right airport fashion. Always remeber to wear clothes you can stay in for long. Because depending on your flight you might be in these clothes for a while. 

Airport Fashion: All You Need To Know About It

The Third rule is my favorite rule. Have fun. Fashion is really not about what the next thing is. But really about an expression of who you are. I love how I can express myself with my fashion. And I have fun doing it.  

In my case, I would dress well but yet comfortable so that I can be both stylish and cute. I love being comfortable because I know that I will be traveling. I don’t want to be overly dress, but I don’t want to be super underdress as well. But mostly, my airport fashion depends on where I am going. For example, I am heading to Houston this month. And I already know what I would like to wear. 

This red shirt from New York and Company is everything. It covers well and it is comfortable yet light weight so that I don’t have to feel hot over stuffy. Pair with this Jean skirt which I got off amazon. I feel like a million bucks. All the concept of airport fashion is here. The stylish yet comfortable rule, as well as the sensible shoes.  I have to say I love the way this outfit makes me feel. It is definitely a win win in the airport fashion division. 

Airport Fashion: All You Need To Know About It
Airport Fashion: All You Need To Know About It

Don’t forget to share with me on Instagram. what your airport fashion looks are. Also, come pin with me on Pinterest, and don’t forget to come hang out with me on  Facebook. I really want to interact with you all. While you’re at it check out the latest post of last week. 


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  • Trey
    July 1, 2019

    My airport fashion is a nice long skirt or pants with a nice and yet comfortable shirt (long sleeves) and a light sweater if I am wearing a sleeveless or short sleeve shirt. I pair it with comfortable sandals or shoes.

    • Nelle
      July 4, 2019

      Yes, girl, that sounds amazing. Send me a pic of your style and I will add it to my feed.

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Airport Fashion: All You Need To Know About It + Style Challenge.