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My name is Nelle

Welcome to my world.


There is so much more to life then what you know! Hi, my name is Nelle. You know that quirky friend who you love and is always there to boost you up. Well, that’s me and welcome to an adventure called embracingnelle. A creative space where my goal is to encourage you to embrace who you are and be the person you want to be without reserve. I do all this while showing you how to travel with ease and without breaking the bank. All while looking stylish.

A little background about me

I was that person who felt like my life was not going anywhere. I did all the right things. I went to school, got a degree, and started working. Then why did I feel like there’s more? I decided that my problem was I was attempting to live the dream of others and not my own. So, I sought help from everywhere. I even read books (you know those self-help kinds). The only problem was that all those things I learned I had to seek them out.

No one told me that I had to set goals for myself, or how to get the healing that I needed to break free from being stuck. I did not have any resources at my fingertips. But with a little perseverance, I got a master’s degree in social work so I can learn what my life is supposed to look like.  Now I live my life inspiring you all to do the same. Through travel, fashion, in heels or hiking boots, abroad or at home let embrace who we are together.