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9 Life Lessons Learned Moving Back In With My Parents

Good Morning y’all. Time For another life update. And this time it’s a good one. I AM MOVING OUT OF MY PARENTS HOUSE. OMG!!! It feels so good to say that. 

And since the move is not so far away. I wanted to share with y’all the life lessons I have learned. So here are 9 Life Lessons I Learned Moving Back In With My Parents. 

Here’s what happened 

It was never my intention to move back in with my parents. When I finally moved away for college I did not want to come back. I even went as far as to move to Taiwan where I was an Expat for a year. 

YES! I did love it. If you have a chance to do it I think you should. But I digress.  

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and when I came back to the state I had a goal. I would move in with my parents for like 3 years get a master’s degree and then bounce. 

Well, the three years are up and boy am I ready to go. Admittedly, I have learned a lot since then. So without further ado here are the 9 Life Lessons Learned Moving Back In With My Parents. 

1. It is Okay To Move Back In 

During my research the question was asked is it okay to move back in with your parents? And honestly, the answer to that is Yes! This is the first lesson that I learned.

Times were tough for me financially, emotionally, and spiritually. The need to reboot was a strong one and the best place for me to do that was at my parents’ house. 

The place where I didn’t have to pay any bills and had the support I needed to get myself where I wanted to go. 

So yes the first lesson I learned was that it was okay to move back in. 

2. I Am Not A Failure

The second lesson learned was that I am not a failure. Just because I needed the support didn’t make me a failure. It made me human and vulnerable. 

Most people would say that I failed in life and needed my parents to help me. But I say if you have someone willing to help you while you are at your lowest then that makes you a blessed person. 

Take the help.

3. Patience Is An Actual Virtue. 

We all know the saying “Patience is a virtue.” Well, whoever came up with that saying needs a cookie because if you don’t have patience you can’t move back in. 

The moment I moved back in with my parents, I became everything. Whenever something in the house stopped working I had to fix it. If my grown siblings who don’t live at home did anything to make my parents upset. I had to call them and explain my parents’ side of the story. 

I became my parents’ teacher, life coach, marriage counselor, tech person, and for some reason their doctor. To be all of those I had to get some patience real fast. 

The saying was no longer a saying to me it was the truth and life. 

4. Money Management Is Important

If you are bad at managing money. I suggest you move back in with your parents. Because the humiliation of them watching you struggle will get you together fast. 

Now I am a master budgeter (I don’t know if that’s even a word). I don’t play about my budget. 

There is a post about how to budget on the blog here. Don’t hesitate to check it out. Also, join my mailing list and email me if you need some help because GURL! I get it. 

5. Goal Setting is Important 

Moving back in with my parents was tough. I have to admit it has not all been flowers, sugar, and honey. The first week I came back home my mother and I got into a huge argument that has rocked our relationship till now. 

That is why goal setting became a huge thing for me. Learning to set smart goals really helped me get my life to the place that it is now. If you need help with goal setting sing up for my mailing list and get you free goal setting planner

Trust me, the key to a successful life is setting goals and achieving those goals. Otherwise, you will feel stuck in life with no way out. 

6. I Love Adulting 

As a millennial, we complain about being an adult. Yes, #adulting is a real thing floating around the internet. But honestly, after moving back in with my parents I realize that being an adult is not a bad thing. 

The freedom to do what we want when we want is priceless. And guess what? Being at home you can’t really do that without constant judgment. (at least that’s what it was like at my home.) 

Paying bills was not what I signed up for, but I now want to pay my own bills just so that I can have my own space. 

#adulting is my new favorite thing to say in the world. 

7. I Have Boundaries and They Should Be Respected 

One of the biggest lessons I learned moving back in with my parents is how to set up boundaries. Like really set them. 

The first couple of months my parents and I were on cloud nine. Then the euphoric feeling left real fast when my mom started to invade my space, impose on my time, and disregard my opinions. 

Being that I am a quick study and a clever girl. It did not take long for me to understand the need for boundaries. 

At first, she rebelled against the strict boundaries that I set. But eventually, she gave in and started to respect my space and me as a person. Of course, I’m Haitian so boundaries did feel like death to my mother and she still complains about them. 

Nonetheless, I set them and I stuck to them. 

8. It’s Okay To Say “No”

Growing up Haitian is tough. Especially since my culture dictates who I should be as a woman. We have clear defined sex roles and rules that we abide by. 

So, imagine the shock of my parents and family’s face when I started saying no to them. Their world was “shocketh.” But still, I said no and I stuck to my no’s. 

And because of that, I learned that saying no doesn’t mean that I don’t love them any less. It means that I matter and I have to establish that. 

9. Self-Care is The Best Care

Last but not least, I learned to take care of myself. Like really take care of me. I learned my likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. And those wants and those needs are taken care of in having a healthy self-care routine. 

Those times I shut out my parents, family, friends, negativity, and all that want to distract me. It’s just me taking care of me. And the best secret of all is to not let anyone take up my time and space during those times. 

I actually learned to schedule “nothing” on my calendar. That way I know that my brain does not have to deal and think about anything but me. And whatever activity I chose to partake in. It could be a movie, or me reading a book, or working on the blog. 

It doesn’t matter my self-care is important. 

There you have it, folks. The 9 Life Lessons Learned Moving Back In With My Parents. Let me know what you think or if you want to know more. I can’t wait to hear from you. In the meantime come pin with me on Pinterest share with me on Instagram and hang out with me on Facebook.

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