8 Tips To Save Money in 2019

2019 is here people and we need to start thinking about ways to save money. This way we can focus on what really matters, like planning that new trip and spending time with yourself and the ones you love.

But if we want to succeed in Living Freely, we need to plan out our money.  Because the New Year is a couple of days away.  Let’s not waste any more time. So here are a couple ideas to help you save money in the new year.


I read an article once that said that millionaires’ budget like crazy. And that is the secret you need to use in 2019. Everything starts with a budget. From eating out to buying a house. If you don’t have a budget, then you are not owning your money, but your money is owning you.

Thus, I say if you are ready to take control of your money in 2019. a budget is the best way. Budget everything. Make sure you have a plan for every part of your money. Down to the last dime.

IT’S THE DAVE RAMSEY WAY. And if it worked for Dave Ramsey it will work for you and me. (I mean come on the man knows what his talking about.)

I say start the year right determine in your mind to become a budget guru.


I know this might sound crazy, but it is very important that YOU STICK TO YOUR BUDGET. I had to say that a little loud and I am sorry, but it is true. 

When I first started budgeting, I would spend time coming up with the perfect budget. To only not use it and stick to it. The week would be over and I was left wondering where all my money had gone. So, learn from my mistake. STICK TO THE BUDGET.  

If you know you are going to the store for something and only brought 20 dollars. Stick to that 20 dollars. My tip is that you should leave you extra money at home. This way you’re force to stick to a budget. 


“Do I really need that” Should be 2019’s magic phrase. Well, Nelle Why? Because it will save you so much money. 

When I first became aware of this phrase, I was amazed at how much money I was saved with it. I am a loyal shopper at Ross and when I go there, I can shop till I drop. But I was beginning to realize when I go there, I would spend all my money. 

And If anyone knows me. They know I love saving money

That’s why I started asking myself “do I really need that?” Low and behold, most of the time the answer is a big fat NO!

Let this phrase be our mantra or code (it’s really up to you what you call it) for the year of 2019. 


Because of the kind of work, I do, I am always on the road. So packing lunch for work is almost none existent. Honestly, guys I drive around from school to school and packing a lunch is hard when I’m constantly in a car. Until one day I actually made the effort. 

I started packing a lunch for work and stopping by the office to heat it up. Yes, it was a little inconvenient because sometimes I couldn’t use the school microwave. But I stuck with it and in a matter of two weeks, I saved 200 dollars.  

I felt a lot of emotions after I saved that 200 dollars: surprise, angry, sad.  Surprise because I didn’t know how much money I was spending on food. Angry because I was really wasting my money on food and complaining about not having any money. Lastly, sad because I was disappointed in myself. 

That’s when I decided to meal prep. I meal prep the heck out of my meals for the work week and so can you. Take the time to look up recipes. A place I use is Pinterest and I have a board with all the cheap food that I have prep.  Often times I look for recipes that I can use one ingredient all around. This way I don’t have to buy too many ingredients. 

Then I half cook the food and freeze it. That means I cook the food half way. Every week, I take something out finish cooking it and share it out for the week. And that’s it, people. If I can do it, you can too. 


I want to be perfectly clear. Tea is first because I don’t like coffee. But, since I am aware of my biases I choose to welcome coffee drinkers. So, no discrimination here. 

Starbucks, Einstein Bagels, Dunkin Donuts all want our money. They are just waiting to suck us dry. But not anymore because 2019 is the year to invest in a teapot or coffee maker. 

6 dollars here, 8 dollars there tend to add up. A cup of tea or coffee is too expensive. The water and tea bags and/or coffee use in those places are also on sale at your local store for HALF the price. Not only are they on sale for half the price they will last you longer. 

I say we break the habit of buying cups of coffee or tea in 2019 and make our own.


My mother is good at this. She would wait for a holiday to be over when things go on sale. Then she would buy them and save them. She would give them away as Christmas gifts, birthdays, and other gift-giving events. 

Once there was a hurricane (because I currently reside in Florida) and the power went out. She brought out these candles. Y’all these candles were from the previous year after Christmas sale. The whole house smelled like a Winter Wonderland. But it did not matter because she had the candles ready to go. 

we need to take a page out of my mother’s book. During after holiday sales, you can be purchase towels, soap, hand soap, and other small essentials. In addition, birthday gifts and other gift items are cheaper during those sales. So, do like my mother buy and store for later.

Is your house going to smell like a winter wonderland in the middle of July when you light your candles for your bubble bath? YES. But you saved money and that’s all that matters. 


Couponing is not my thing and I had to learn to like it. But I read an article that said that many millionaire use coupons. Another example of “if it’s good for them it’s good for me.” I’m not saying we are going to be millionaires, but we can live frugally and learn their tips and tricks. One such trick is using coupons. 

Now I always look for coupons in my mail. It’s a very small act but I save money. I use the coupons and couple them with sales to save even more money. The fact of the matter is you don’t need to be a couponing guru to use coupons. Just a coupon here and there will save you something. 


Does this sound familiar? “I have nothing to wear.” 

If it does then you need to know that use to be me too. One of the hardest things I had to do was stop buying clothes. I learned that it’s not that I didn’t have clothes to wear. But that I didn’t know what was in my closest. 

That’s when I started a challenge for myself. I will no longer purchase clothes but repurpose the ones I had in my closet. 

 Because of this challenge, I saved hundreds of dollars.  Don’t get me wrong it will take you time. But eventually, you will learn all the clothes you have in the closet. That way you can put them together with ease. 

Last words

I know that this was not an extensive list but sign up for my upcoming Minimalist Guide to Budgeting. I wanted to share with you all what has worked for me in 2018. Because the goal is To Live Freely in 2019. 


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