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8 Reason Why You Need A Passport As A Black Person

Happy Travel y’all. This month is our months and we are celebrating us. And since travel is the name of my game I want to take a moment to shake up our world and talk about having a passport.

By a show of hand how many of y’all have a passport? To be honest I can’t see y’all hands but I know some of them are up. But since black travel is getting more and more popular among travel bloggers.

It is shocking to hear the most of us still don’t hold a passport in our hands.

And I am all about traveling in your home country. But I want to take a moment to make sure that you get the opportunity to experience the joy of traveling outside of our country. So here are 8 reasons why You Need A Passport As A Black Person.

1.Don’t Be A statistic

So we are often the butt of everyone’s statistics. How many times are they going to shove in our faces disturbing facts about us? So, one thing I try not to be is a statistic.

And it started with me getting a passport. According to online sources, 60% of Americans don’t have a passport. Apparently, that number goes higher for us of color.

Do yourself a favor and get a passport just to break this statistic.

2.Go Break Some Stereotype

One of my favorite things to do is to challenge and break stereotypes. I am not saying that you should walk around thinking you represent a whole group of people. But it sure does feel good to challenge stereotypes.

When I was in Taiwan I would challenge stereotypes all the time. Especially the ones that say people of color don’t travel. Well, here I am.

So do yourself a favor and get a passport if not for anything just for the shock factor.

3.The World Is Bigger Than You Think

When I say the world is bigger than you think I mean it. There is so much out there beyond our backyards.

There are people, cultures, food, and music you have yet to hear and experience. And one way to ensure you get to experience that is by getting a passport.

It will allow you to experience this big big world in a way that Google Earth can never show you. Trust me on this.

4.Expand Your Mind

One of the things travel does is expand your mind. It has a way of challenging your misconceptions and stereotypes.

It opens you up to experience the people of the world in a way you never would have thought. Traveling the world helped me be okay with people and takes away a lot of prejudice from your heart towards those that are different.

Let’s be honest, we live in America a country riddled with stereotypes, prejudice, racism, and hate. You often fail to notice how those things affect your mind. Until you are out of it. And the real-world challenges it from you.

Do yourself the favor and rise up to the challenge by getting that passport.

8 Reason Why You Need A Passport As A Black Person
8 Reason Why You Need A Passport As A Black Person

5.Make New Friends

I have friends all over the world. And I still talk to them all the time. I know I can call them if I’m ever in the area and they will open their homes to me.

And I know it’s not a huge reason why we as people of color should have a passport. But it is a pretty good reason.

Having friends in different area codes is one heck of a way to live.

6.Learn About Others

While you’re out there traveling the world one thing you’ll realize is that you get to learn about others. As people of color in America, we are not well aquatinted with the struggles of others.

I mean it is hard enough for us trying to keep ourselves and our children safe. But when we step out of our comfort zone and away from all of this. We realize others have a struggle too.

The point of the matter is we get to see the struggle of others. And realize that the world hates us but the world hates others too.

And for some reason that will give you the strength to keep fighting for yourself and those around. And you eventually realize our fight sets the precedents for others.

So it empowers us to live to fight another day.

7.Discover Who You Are

The best and one the most important reason for the 8 reasons you need a passport as a person of color is because of self-discovery.

One of the most important things that travel has done for me is helped discover who I am. It gave me the strength I needed to find my voice. And the strength to speak my truth.

Something that I don’t know if I would have had if I didn’t get a chance to experience others outside of myself.

8.You Never Know When You Just Need To Leave

Last but not least of the 8 Reason Why You Need A Passport As A Black Person is that you never know when you need to leave. I don’t mean in the case of running for your life. But I mean you never know when an opportunity will arise for you to travel the world.

Having a passport will keep you ready at all times. And personally, I think that is something worth being. Life is short so why not make the best out of it. It all starts by being ready to be that spontaneous person who gets to live on the wild side.

Maybe it’s the travel speaking but then again. Caper Diem.

Well, there it is 8 Reason Why You Need A Passport As A Black Person. Let me know what you guys think. In the meantime, don’t forget to pin with me on Pinterest share with me on Instagram and hang out with me on Facebook. And to check out the latest post here.

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