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8 Exciting Girls Festive Weekend Staycation Ideas For 2020

8 Exciting Girls Festive Weekend Staycation Ideas For 2020

2020 has not been the perfect year for those big getaways. To be honest I think 2020 is the year all trips were canceled. Especially those amazing girls trip and you were planning on taking. But don’t worry. Even though you can’t use #vacation. You can use #staycation. Here are 8 Exciting Girls Festive Weekend Staycation Ideas For 2020 for you and your best girlfriends.

Air BnB

Because the world is pretty much on lockdown getting away with your girlfriends is a little difficult. Everyone is scared to leave their house without the reassurance that everything will be fine. But you and the girls still need your away time. And a good way to get that is by booking an Airbnb.

An Air BnB will provide you and your girls an away experience that is right in your hometown. You and your girls will not be couped up in your homes in isolation but sitting in a beautiful home enjoying each other’s company. which is the reason for a girls’ trip anyways.

Not being home and limited responsibilities is a plus. So enjoy those drinks and dance parties and just have fun.


Well, welcome back to your childhood. Why not have a sleepover with your best girlfriends. I know it may sound primitive but I guarantee good clean fun that you guys will enjoy.

Of course, I recommend you do it at the house of the girlfriend who has no kids. If you have kids send them to the grandparents for the weekend.

Turn out mimosas are bad for children. You know because of the alcohol.

Spa day

If you guys don’t have time for a whole weekend. Then why not have a spa day. Invite your best girlfriends to your house and create your spa day.

Everybody can bring their favorite products and share them. Pamper yourself and one another while getting close and drinking your favorite mixed drinks. #drinkresponsibly.


A good old backyard bbq is good for the soul. That’s why I am recommending it. A staycation doesn’t have to have rules. Just alcohol.

So why not have a bbq in your backyard. Invite all your girlfriends, put on some loud music of y’all choice. And eat and drink and be merry.

Honestly, I’ve done it and it is so much fun.

6. Bake together

It sucks that you and your girls can’t run wild in the Caribbean shaking it on some women’s son. But that’s okay. Take that energy and transform it into a baking class with you and your girls.

Whoever has the biggest kitchen can house a bake-off. Where you and your friends bake cakes, cookies, and other fun delicious things. In a small friendly competition.

Mmmm… sounds delicious.

Movie marathon

You can’t ever go wrong with a good movie marathon. So go ahead and pick y’all favorite movie. Grab blankets and start early in the morning while still in pajamas watching the best romantic movies ever made.

Just don’t forget to have breakfast, drink mimosas, and order pizza. No movie marathon would be complete without them.

8 Exciting Girls Festive Weekend Staycation Ideas For 2020

Outdoor activities

Y’all could stay home and get fat together. Or get up and go do some outdoor activities. Such as visiting your local parks.

Go on the hiking trail and hike that mountain. Wear your best workout clothes and walk that trail, bike that path, and wander around outside enjoying nature.

Beats staying at home and complaining about how 2020 is canceled.

Game day

If all else fails have a game day. There are tons of adult games being sold in Walmart. Go grab a couple and you and the girlfriends eat and play.

You can even pull out the board games and crush one another in Monopoly, Life, and so on.

Pull out the card games, dominoes, and enjoy each other’s company. Whatever you do don’t play Uno. That game is dangerous.

Bring the Caribbean to you

If you and your girlfriends were looking forward to shaking your butt on somebody’s son this year. Let me just say “I’m sorry”. However, even though you can’t go to the Caribean.

Bring it to you. You and your girls can enjoy a weekend full of the sound of the Caribean and y’all can watch a couple of your Youtube videos and cook to get the flavor of the Caribean.

From food to cocktails, You can learn anything on YouTube.

Explore another city nearby

Going outside is still an option even if you have to stay 6 ft apart from strangers. But that shouldn’t stop you and your best girlfriends from enjoying another city in your state.

Walking around, taking pictures, and enjoying the scenery is free. All things you can in the next city over with your best girlfriends. Because a girls’ trip is all about spending time with each other.

Now y’all have 8 Exciting Girls Festive Weekend Staycation Ideas For 2020. If you have any other ideas don’t hesitate to share. Don’t forget to share it with me on Instagram. Also, come pin with me on Pinterest, and don’t forget to come to hang out with me on  Facebook. I really want to interact with you all. While you’re at it check out the latest post of last week here.

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