7 Practical Ways to Declutter Your Mind

7 Practical ways to Declutter Your Mind

SPRING is here and even though it already been well on its way. We can still celebrate its goodness and bask in its awesomeness. I know I am. The best part is that the Holiday is over. YAY!!!

Now that you have nothing to actually worry about. No more Easter baskets and the kids (if you have any) should be heading back to school. All are a perfect recipe for you to take some time for yourself. I know it sounds hard, but it must be done. 

While you’re sipping on a cold refreshing lemonade or any drink that makes you happy. The feeling of being stuck and weight down is back once again. All these are a symptom of a cluttered mind. A mind that is full of worries and stress that you have not let go off. 

Isn’t that why your reading this post. 

Without further ado. Mostly because I know that you can’t take any more information in your state. Here are a 7 practical ways to declutter your mind this spring season.

Don’t Forget To Breathe

Y’all already know that I am a social worker/therapist. So, I must bring you something that we in the field call evidence base. That just means that some people studied it and provide evidence on how it works. You know like science. 

The science shows that if we take at least 3 deep breaths a day it will help lower our stress. most times we go throughout our day and forget to stop and take a couple of deep breaths. All that does is contribute to that bong down feeling and heaviness in our minds. 

That is why you should take a moment while you are sipping on that cold refreshing beverage and breathe. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for five seconds, and let it out through your mouth. 

There don’t you feel better. Isn’t your mind clearer? didn’t you feel your shoulders just simply relax? I know I did.

Clean Your Space

One thing I find to really cloud my mind and weigh me down is a messy environment. A not so clean space. When I clean my space I feel like I can tackle the world. When my environment is not clean I find it to be an extension of how I am doing in the inside. 

That is probably true for most of us. So it is important that we clean the space around us. I know it’s not easy because we are so busy but take a couple of minutes in the morning or at night to clean your space. Trust me it will work wonders for your mind, self-confidence, and emotions.

You name it. A clean space provides you with an opportunity to focus on what really matters in life. Like building those relationships. 

Write It Down

Writing things down seem to be the hardest thing for people to do. When I speak to my mentee, clients, and those that I coach. I always explain to them the importance of writing things down. The importance of making a list. 

Because here’s what is happening. Why you are feeling weight down and stuck. You are trying to remember everything. Putting too much information in your brain. With all the information it’s no wonder you are absent-minded and forgetful and in serious need of a spring mind de-cluttering. 

Per usual I will not give you any information without a tip to help you fix it. So, here’s the tip. Remember the age we live in. It’s the age of technology. You have the opportunity to carry around a cell phone. And in that cellphone, there is an app called to-do. 

I implore you to use it. But if your more of a paper person get yourself a to-do notebook. I found this great one on Amazon.

Set Goals. 

Goal setting is an awesome way for you to declutter your mind. Because I find that most of us have so many aspirations and dreams and don’t have a plan on how to accomplish them. We hold them in our heads and every now and then we think about them adding new information. 

This is a big no-no. 

Write them down and plan them. Don’t just hold all that information in your head. It is important to map these things out so that you can be the best you. Don’t forget we can’t achieve big goals without first planning them and achieving our little goals.

7 Pratical Ways to Declutter Your Mind
7 particle ways to declutter your mind


The number one thing we often feel guilty about is self-care. I once read a book by Maya Angelou called Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now. and if you get a chance to buy it, do. Or just get it here. It’s a book of her giving advice that she learned from her life. It’s one of my favorite books. 

In the book, she talks about how she would turn off her phone and take a one-day staycation. she would get herself a hotel room and spend the whole day with herself doing something she loved. What’s interesting is that her friends and family called her selfish and other things. 

And although we are not the great Maya Angelou, we need to understand what she was saying. People don’t want you to focus on yourself. They will be upset when you take a minute for yourself. But if you’re feeling stuck, bong down and mentally drained. Then take a moment for yourself boo. 

read a book, go to a movie, walk around in the park, or get your nails done. Whatever you do don’t forget to turn off your phone, shut out the world and focus on you. Perfect time to work on your Goal setting. 


There I said it the dreaded word. But it’s necessary. I mean the studies say it is. So yay science (weak voice). Although I am one to say eat my shorts (thank you Bart Simpson) to exercise, I have to admit it does a good job at clearing your mind. 

Personally, myself I try to do it at least 3 times a week. Mostly because I work in a high-stress field and all that mind tension has to go somewhere. And the same goes for you. You need to release all that tension in your mind. 

One thing I learned about exercise is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just simply going for a 30-minute brisk walk will do wonders for you. It will do its job at clearing your mind. My favorite times of the day are the times I go for a walk. Although, getting up to go for that walk is hard but when I am in the middle of it. I am in love.

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