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5 Ways To Manage Your Depression without medication

Hey guys happy Monday! I have been missing in action for two weeks and it’s all because my depression kicked at the moment I heard the word locked down.  Like many people, I suffer from depression that has the power to take my breath away. Causing me to sink into a world of despair. That is why I am sharing 5 WAYS TO MANAGE YOUR DEPRESSION WITHOUT MEDICATION.

Clean Something

I know this might sound crazy. But when my depression gets too much for me to handle. I clean. Even before the quarantine. And it’s a trick that works now that we are out of quarantine.

And trust me it works. There’s something therapeutic about cleaning that elevates one’s spirit. Therefore, if you can, get up and clean.  

Keeping a clean environment has Been shown to help alleviate depression. According to studies, a chaotic messy environment is a reflection of one’s mental state. 

A clean environment sends the signal to your brain that you respect yourself and love yourself. According to Jim Kwik cleaning sends the message to your brain that you are safe and a productive person. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a clean home.

An article from Healthline stated, “cleanliness is a form of self-respect.” 


Step Outside 

I live in Florida and I live for the sun. As a person who suffers from anxiety, I know how hard it can be to just get out of bed. But don’t let it stop you from stepping outside for a while to enjoy the sun. 

I am not saying go wander around on the streets. However, try to step into your balcony or backyard and hang there soaking up the sun. It helps more than you know. 

According to a study done by the University of Alabama. It was found that there is a direct correlation between cognitive impairment and depression due to the lack of sunlight.  

In other words. The less sunlight you get the more depressed. And vice versa. 

However, if you find that you live in a place with already minimal sunlight. Maybe try for a lamp that mimics the effect of the sun. 

Also, known as a SAD lamp. 

But whatever you do, step outside and enjoy the natural air. I know you are coming out of quarantine and the world is coming back to some new normal. But the natural air is still good for you. Just don’t inhale too close to strangers.


Spend Time With Love Ones 

My depression really kicks in when I’m alone. So to me, quarantine was the perfect opportunity for me to spend time with the ones I love. And now that we are allowed to go out and about I am more than happy to spend time with my family because the habit had been established.

And so should you. Spend time with your kids, significant other, and those you think of as family.

This will take you out of your head and get you to focus on something other than your depression.  And as you get out of quarantine you will have a better relationship with the ones you love.

But if you do happen to be alone during another quarantine. Then don’t forget you are able to facetime and use other forms of electronic face-to-face communication device that allows you the ability to speak with those you love.

Focus On Your Hobby

My hobby is my blog. Sharing and writing these articles. And it is important to me. So no matter how depressed I get I push through for my blog. Because it is something outside of myself. 

That is why I recommend that You find a hobby and focus on it. Depression is like an internal focus on one’s self. But if you focus on something else such as a hobby you get to alleviate that internal focus.

So it’s perfect that for you to write that book, start the garden, read that book you’ve always wanted to read. 

But no matter what it is find something that can get you out of your head and do something outside of yourself.


Don’t Deal With It Alone

You may have to be quarantined but don’t deal with the depression alone. One thing I know from experts is that depression is a lonely creature.

It likes to isolate and keep me in a headspace of loneliness. that’s is why I find that it is important to speak up about it.

If you are a person who lives alone.  I suggest you quarantine with a friend and/or family members who you know understand what you are going through. 

Don’t hesitate to call your safety line and let them know what level your depression is. Don’t face depression alone. If you find that you have no one who you can call.  Then don’t hesitate to call the national safety hotline. 

1800.273-8255 national suicide hotline. 


The Samaritans: (877) 870-4673 (HOPE)

You can call or text these numbers at any time.

There you have it, folks. 5 Ways To Manage Your Depression Without Medication. Let me know what you think. And don’t hesitate to share the way you are managing your depression during this time.

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