Where To Find Stock Photos for Black Female Bloggers

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5 Sites Offering Beautiful Stock Photos For Black Female Bloggers​.

If you’re new to blogging then you know that stock photos are a must. Finding the right ones can really bring your blog to the next level. Having the right stock photos make your blog more visually appealing. I know when I read a blog I spend a lot of times looking at the photos. As a black female lifestyle blogger, I use to struggle to find the right place to get the right stock photos. That is why I am sharing the places I used to get stock photos for black female bloggers.

Fiding the right stock photos is harder than you think. Most and if not 90 percent of stock photos I have to rummage through. Have been of white women. And this is not a bash on white women. I’m not that kind of person.

But being that I am a lifestyle blogger for black women I need my content to match my audience. And so far, only three places have offered me the best content. Stock photos for black female bloggers start now.


The first free website that I used to use all the time is Pexel. This website is free and that means everyone is using it. The photos are good and when I first started my blog I would use them constantly. HONESTLY, I still sometimes use them to find a picture every now and then.

However, I have to give a word of caution. Because Prexels is a free site most newbie bloggers use it. That means the pictures will probably come up somewhere on another site. Therefore, I use to use them loosely and would try to find other places that were not so popular for pictures. But if you are just starting out then it’s the best place to go.

Adobe Stock

5 Sites Offering Beautiful Stock Photos For Black Female Bloggers​.

Adobe Stock Photos and I have a love-hate relationship. I like it because I need it to do half of what I have to do. At the same time, I hate it because I have to pay money to them. To be honest it’s where I get a lot of my photos for when I am guess blogging. It’s the best place I have found so far.

At first, I was very reluctant to get my photos from there. However, they do offer quality photos and they are not that expensive. Adobe stock has become a staple for me. Therefore, I recommend it. The pictures did help bring my blog to life.


Createherstock.com is a new one to me. I signed up for the email list and I have not been sorry. The site was launched in 2015 by its founder Neosha Gardner. She started creating her own stock photos after feeling frustrated with the limited images that are offered to us black female bloggers. She asked herself that same question we ask all the time. “Where are the photos of the people who look like us.”

She offers high-quality stock photos for all types of blogging. Her site has something for everyone. She has created a library of stock photos for us lifestyle bloggers. And anyone who is in need of beautiful black female stock photos. A very rare thing in our industry.

One thing about createherstock is that it is a subscription-based service and you have to pay a monthly fee. But that it is a small price to pay for the photos she offers. Plus the subscription is not as expensive as adobe’s subscription. She is worth the money.


Another place I recently started using is Nappy.co. This website is awesome. It offers a variety of black stock photos and their goal is to be like the big names. They allow photographers to share their work and they want to bring variety into the stock photo game. And what is my verdict on them? LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The website is easy to use and navigate. You can just type in anything and if the picture is there then you will find them. Another amazing thing about the site is that at the top of the photo you choose you get the Instagram of the creator. AWESOMESAUCE (yes, I say this word.) This way it’s easy to give the person the credit for the photo.


5 Sites Offering Beautiful Stock Photos For Black Female Bloggers​.

Lastly, I would like to take a moment to rave about how much I am so grateful for what Priiincesss from Priiincesss.com is doing. She has revolutionized my blogging picture games. And the best part about it that its all for FREE.

One of my favorite places to get stock photos is at shotsbypriiincess.com. Her stock photos capture true black essence and she gives them out for free. SHOOT! I would pay for them because they are that good. They are vibrant and they bring life to your writing. The cover photo of this post came from her.

What I love about her stock photos is that she is using other bloggers and people in the industry. She has a good eye in all her pictures are vibrant and clear. I mean what else did you expect from a professional photographer.

So check it out. As a fresh of the block blogger, I need all the free resources I can get. And so far there has not been quality pictures like the ones princess takes. Her pictures are all over my website and I get excited every month when she drops a new batch. It sounds crazy but I stock my emails waiting for her to share her stock photos. Don’t hesitate to check her out.

Final Thoughts

In no way is this an extensive list. Currently, I am still searching for more places. But so far these places have worked well for me. They are the ones I am using. What are you using?

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