3 Amazing Black Female Bloggers You Should Be Following

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We all have people we look up to. Or people who inspire us to pursue a particular hobby even a career. For me, there are some amazing black female bloggers who I follow like a hawk. They are the ladies who are living the life I want to live.

These bloggers have taken the first step and because of them, I can. So without further also I want to share with you all 3 amazing black female bloggers you should be following. In other words, my 3 favorite bloggers. Hopefully, they will inspire you to break free and seek your path. 

Priiincesss from priiincesss.com

There is no way I am going to share my favorite bloggers and not mention a blogger who has been the most influential in my life. This lady is a BOSS. I mean she is not stopping for anyone and that is why she rocks. And the reason she is number 1 of the 3 amazing black female bloggers you should be following.

Priiincesss is a lifestyle fashion blogger who has been at the game for 8 years. The best part about her is that she is Haitian. She was the first haitian blogger I was introduced to. And baby this girl made me realize that if she can do it so can I. 

While she is doing it and showing up. She has opened up her platform for people like me who are just starting off. But she did not just stop there she has created a course on how to be consistent and she has another one where she teaches us how to blog. And yes y’all want to check her out. 

She is even titled the “Queen of consistency.” And having personally know her she hold true to that title. And homegirl is humble too. When she talks to you she makes you want to run and get to work. Check her out here. 

Somto from Somtoseeks.com

The first black travel female blogger I was introduced to is Somto from somtoseeks. She is amazing. I still check her blog out every week to see what is going on with her. 

She has a way of making you feel like she is just like you. That’s what first attracted me to her blog. I was so inspired by how normal she was and how she was able to do her thing. I don’t know her personally but I admire her work. She is definitely an inspiration to me and one of my favorite bloggers.

Definitely check her out she is amazing. Plus her goal is to help you become location independent. And that is something that I am personally working towards.  

Dani SMith from Iamdanismith 

Lastly, I will close this post talking about my new favorite blogger. And that is my girl Dani Smith from iamdanismith. Her blog is so cute and I love how easy it is to navigate. Plus her blog just makes you feel good. The energy of the whole blog is so happy. 

She shares her fashion, her motherhood journey and so much more. If your looking for a pick me up or just a fun blog then Dani is your girl. She kind of reminds of a super cool mom doing her thing. 

Don’t forget to shop her looks because this girl has a super cute mush have wardrobe. You will love all that she has to offer. I know I do.

That’s it folks all the blogs I currently love. Something for everyone. If you travel check out Somto if you are a fashionista then check out Priiincesss and for fashion and mom life look no further than Dani. 

These bloggers are the ones I follow. They know what they are doing and so I am paying attention.

Honorable Mention: Nelle from Embracingnelle

To be honest I was not going to include myself in my favorite bloggers. But I have been learning all about self-love and part of embracing myself is to be kind to me. So I am including myself as one of my favorite bloggers. I am giving me an honorable mention.

Embracingnelle is my baby. A lifestyle, travel, fashion blog created for those awkward black girls who are still trying to break free and embrace who they are. That is why I called it Embracingnelle. My goal is simple. I want to take you on the journey of self embrace while showing you that life is so much more.

It’s all about taking you on the journey to self-love and discovery. And there is no better way to do that then to show you how I am doing it. Through travel, fashion, and lifestyle this journey of self embrace is well underway. There you have it the 3 amazing black female bloggers you should be following.

Who do are your favorite bloggers. Please share with me. Maybe I will fall in love with their blogs too. Per usual don’t forget you can always check me out on instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Check out the last post here. Until next time stay fly my friends. 

Black Female Bloggers You Should Be Following



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