12 Safety Tips For Solo Travelers.

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Traveling solo is awesome. I have to admit it does give you a certain level of empowerment. It frees you from the boundaries of having to adhere by the itinerary of other. That is why it’s so awesome to travel alone.

But, like everything in life you need to be smart. Traveling solo is an art and part of the art form is learning how to be safe. Here are 12 tips that I have learned from experience. 

When traveling alone Trust Your Gut

Your gut is that feeling you get that something is wrong. Don’t ignore it. If you feel like something is not right, then turn around and leave that place. Don’t try to talk yourself out of the feeling. Listen to your instinct. In the end, your safety is a priority at all times.

Remember safety is instinctual. So, don’t overlook your instinct. If your instinct is to run then run. WORRY ABOUT LOOKING STUPID LATER. Nine out of ten times you are right. My motto is run first as questions later.

Travel during the day

The day times are the best time to travel. It’s because there are people around and things to see. Don’t get me wrong you can go to paces at night. But if you’re going somewhere you feel uncomfortable about. Then the best time to go is during the day.

Unless you go out with trusted people. Most of the times it is best to travel during the day. If the place you are traveling to has a nightlife then make sure you follow safety procedures.  Don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger.

Plan Everything

Plan everything. The best-laid plans guarantee success. So don’t just go with the flow. Make sure you plan where you’re going to be. This way you know how to get there and I formation about the place.

A plan is good because it allows you to have some sort of structure. Plus you get to actually experience the country. Most times people go on a trip with no plan. They just decided we are going and don’t know what they are going to do.

That is the best way to waste your time. Plan when you’re going out and where you’re going.Don’t just wander the street with no purpose. And when you plan to give your itinerary to someone back home. This way they know what you are doing and are able to help if need be.

Research the place yet you’re going

Don’t forget anywhere without researching the place. Don’t just choose a country or state and just go. No, it is not smart and safe. Make sure you at least do your basic research.

The transportation of the place, the language they speak, what the culture is like. If you’re going overseas you need to know what the biases are towards Americans. Also political climate, and so on. Being aware is the first rule of safety.

Have emergency numbers ready

This doesn’t just mean police or ambulance, but so much more. You need to make sure you have the number of the embassy. In Taiwan, they have a foreigner helpline. I have that number save on my phone.

Also, keep numbers for people back home that anyone can call in case of emergency.Like the person who you call and send your photos to. Keep those numbers handy.

Get a tour guide

If you’re lost at what to do. Then plan a solo trip with a tour guide. Many times you can find specials to a place that offer guided tours. So don’t be scared to research those tours. You can usually ask for information at your hotel or airport information desk.

Join traveling groups

Traveling groups are great. They provide you with the joy of solo travel with like-minded individuals. Everybody, there is ready to s e the world and meet new people. This is a great way to travel solo. Not only are you meeting new people doing the exact same thing your doing. But you are making connections and new friends. This way you can learn from them as they learn from you.

Check in with people

Rather you’re with a tour group or traveling groups. Check in with your family and friends. They love and want to hear from you. They will be the ones crying if something happens to you. Don’t neglect them.

Check in with them. Let them know your plans and what you’re doing. Send them pictures. I mean come on you are traveling alone and they want to know your okay.

Don’t go places with strangers

I think I have to clarify this. Don’t go places with strangers who just offer you options. Not going to lie this is from experience. I was on the train once and this man offers to help me see the city. I exchange numbers and against my better judgment.

Then I stupidly met with him to go hiking. Thank God it was an open place with lots of people. But after that day I blocked his number when he tried to invite me to another place more private. I’ve seen taken and I already broke half the rules

Please learn from me. Don’t go places with strangers. Stranger danger is a good saying, so use it wisely.

Make sure your phone is charged

This is a given. If you are planning on traveling alone make sure your phone is charged. Again another mistake I made. I went to New York once and halfway through time square my phone died.

The problem was I did not know my way back to where I was staying. I was relying on Google maps. In the end, I had to buy a small portable charger. Now I carry it whenever I go on a trip.

Again another lesson learned. Be prepared for this and carry a small portable charger with you. Make sure your phone is 100 percent charge before you set out for the day. Safety safety safety.

Make copies of your travel documents.

This is a trick I learned from my friend. Every time you are traveling out of the country make copies of your documents. Keep a copy with you and give a copy to the ones you love or a trusted source.

This way if anything happens you have a copy and they have a copy to help you. It is something that I have been doing since the first day I decided to travel. If you don’t trust anyone with your documents. Make copies and leave it at home somewhere you know it easy to remember. So that someone can find it if you need them too.

Travel insurance

If you can afford it. Depending on what country you’re going to get travel insurance. You need to protect yourself and your things. Travel Insurance is beneficial because it protects you. If financial protection is not enough to sell you on travel insurance, you need to know its other benefits.  

Travel insurance provides you access to assistanceanywhere you are in the world. Besides those great benefits, travel insurance also covers you medically.  That is why if you are traveling solo you should consider investing in yourself. You should get travel insurance. 

Last words 

The next time you’re thinking about that solo trip. Consider this list. If traveling alone is your thing I say do it. Just don’t forget to give some consideration to your safety. Because the goal is to embrace yourself and to remember To Live Freely.


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