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10 Places You Must Visit In Houston, Texas.

Over the last couple of months, I have been on two adventures. And one of these awesome places I got to visit was Houston Texas. I did do a quick recap. If you missed it read it here. The places I visited while in Houston was amazing.  Of course, I am going to share the 10 places you must visit in Houston, Texas. 

Just a little side note that’s not on the side. (yes, it is corny, but you chuckle) most of these places are food. Why? Well because I’m a foodie. I don’t know about the rests of y’all but when I think of Texas, the first thing that comes to mind is food.

To save you guys the struggle I broke this list into two parts. Places where I did not eat and places where I did eat. To be honest with y’all the places where I did eat are the places you should really care about.

10 Place You Must Visit In Houston, Texas: Nonfood Places.


Even before we went to Texas, I had a conversation with my friend. It went a little something like this:

“Nelle my black Nubian princess who I respect and look up to. Even though your fear of height is rational. I am choosing to put your life in danger and schedule indoor sky diving for us”

Nelle: ” but friend who I care for deeply who acknowledge my royalty why would you do such a foolish thing.”

Friend” because the devil is a lie and even though I acknowledge your royalty I am jealous of your rule and desire to usurp your throne”.

Okay, maybe the conversation did not go like that. But knowing I’m was afraid of height for not stop her from making the plans. And after much begging, I gave in and decided to go.

Well if you want my honest opinion it was amazing. I have to admit I had a blast. We didn’t go as high as I thought, and the only scary part was in my head.

I know you are wondering would I do it again. The answer is a big far no. However, I do recommend you give it a try.

Cipher escape room

  The only schema I have of an escape room was from a Bob’s Burger episode. So, imagine my curiosity when one of the places to go to was an escape room.

It was an awesome experience. Ciphers’ was pleasant and fun. Although we did not decipher all the clues. We did every clue except for the last one.

The experience was worth all the money. The people who work there are awesome and fun. Definitely visit it.

Galleria mall

Being that I kind of love shopping. I recommend that you guys visit the galleria mall in Houston. Don’t go there just for the shopping,  but go there to witness the grandeur of the mall. I swear to you guys the mall has a hotel connected to it. It has multiple stories that offer something to do. My friend even told me that there was a skating ring. I  can neither deny or confirm that because we did not stay that long. But it is definitely worth checking out. And in my book, that’s a must-see. It was a pretty big mall with much to explore. I guess everything is bigger in Texas.

Houston museum of African American culture

10 Places You Must Visit In Houston, Texas.

If you have been following me for a while you know that every trip I go to I try to go to a museum. I mean a good museum is like candy to my soul.

And the Houston Museum of African American culture is worth the trip. It was a museum not just celebrating the past but present as well.

The best part is that it was free. But donation is accepted. And to be honest they deserve it. It’s small and still up and coming but has potential to be great. Definitely check it out.

Candy Shack Daiquiris to go

10 Places You Must Visit In Houston, Texas.

The last nonfood place that is kind of close to food. Is this awesome place called candy shack. They make daiquiris to go and let me tell you. They are really good. 

I am not a drinker. I want to be completely honest with y’all. Your girl didn’t even know what a daiquiri was until I googled it. Nonetheless, it was very good and I definitely recommend Candy Shack to anyone who is a drinker and enjoy a good daiquiri.

Food time 

I won’t even waste time trying to introduce this section. 10 places you must visit in Houston, Texas is about to make your mouth water. Let’s dive Right in.

House of Pie

10 Places You Must Visit In Houston, Texas.

The first place we ate was House Of Pies. And friends IT WAS GOOD. I had me some food that morning that blew me away. I totally recommend it as a place to go.

I was told that it was like Denny’s and to be honest that was a big FAT LIE. It was better WAYYYYY better than Denny’s. Like we can’t even put the two places in the same category. I mean the food was AMAZING, the service was great, and the prices were reasonable.

 Therefore, don’t hesitate to go. If I ever get a chance to go to Houston Texas again. I will be heading straight to the House Of Pies. 

Krab queens

This place is the BOSS. Did I mention it is the BOMB.And lastly it is everything.

Krab Queenz is amazing. I can’t rave about it enough. And to be honest it was my favorite place in Houston.

The food,  the music the atmosphere the drinks all made it the best experience so far. There was a live DJ blasting music in my ears while I drink Louisiana style daiquiris and ate the biggest seafood boil of my life so far.  If you’re in Houston you need to go to krab Queenz.

Now I must warn you. Krab Queenz is so good that it’s popularity has spread throughout the nation. That means the lines and the wait is long but worth it. The later you go after sundown the more things you get to see. It’s a nice way of me saying that it is kind of ratchet. The music is Florida style music and you have to finish your drink while your there. Lastly, because the place is so popular there is a 2-hour table maximum.  Overall you will not be disappointed.  

Phil and Derek’s 

When my homegirl recommended Phil and Derek’s confusion hit me like a ton of bricks. For the longest time, I thought my friend was referring to someone’s house. I was like who’s Phil and Dereck and why did we come all the way to Houston to go to their house? Only to find out that Phil and Dereck are not people but a restaurant and jazz lounge.

All I have to say is the next time I’m in Houston, Texas I am taking my greedy self to Phil and Derek’s. One of the best thing that Phil and Derek’s had to offer is the buffet-style brunch. As I am writing this my whole taste buds are remembering how awesome the food was. Thank you, Phil and Derek, for amazing food and mimosas. The next time you decide to plan a trip to Houston add Phil and Derek to your itinerary​. You will be glad you did.

The Roof 

If you are looking for atmosphere and great photo op then the roof in Houston is the place to go. The food is second to its ambiance.

The service is not that good either but it’s a nice place to eat and take pictures. I did enjoy that part of it.

I am only sharing this one with y’all because I have been and would feel bad if I did not give y’all the choices I had. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out The Roof and let me know what you think.

The Breakfast Klub 

Last but not least is the breakfast Klub. The morning we were going to go to the breakfast club. My friend kept on rushing us. nI honestly didn’t know why. Until we pulled up at the Breakfast Klub. The line was around the corner. The people stood outside patiently waiting their turn to go inside the building to eat. It was so bad that they had a water station out front so that people can drink and not get dehydrated. They even had a person selling t-shirts to unsuspecting customers.

With all that being said after I sat down to eat, I knew why I waited for an hour. THE FOOD WAS TO DIE FOR. It was so good that nobody said anything while we ate. No you know the food is good when nobody speaks while they are eating. To make things better The business is black-owned. Y’all know I love supporting my own.

Additionally, the service was amazing. The owner walked around checking on the guest. He stopped and actually had a whole conversation with us while wearing his chef uniform. It was some of the best food and service I received in Houston. I definitely think you should visit The Breakfast Klub. 

There you have it, folks. The 10 places you need to visit in Houston Texas. If you go to any of them let me know. I want to hear from you. In the meantime, don’t forget to check my highlights on INSTAGRAM, chat with me on facebook., and pin with me on  Pinterest. In the meantime check out the more travel post here.

10 Places You Must Visit In Houston, Texas.

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