1-Year Blogaversary: My Favorite Looks

Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.

Happy Monday!!! And the blogaversary celebration has begun. Of course, I am going to share my 1-year blogaversary favorite looks with y’all. Don’t worry I am starting with the one you guys recently got from my New York & Company Challenge. I’m so excited that one year of blogging is finally over. And the best way to look back is to look at the styles that I got to rock as I embrace myself through my clothes.

Style Is An Expression Of Who You Are.

One of my favorite sayings is that style is an expression of who you are. And I try my very hardest to express myself through the clothes I wear. Like this dress from New York and Company. It allowed me to express that side of me that is all about style. That girly side that says “Hello world.” In addition, there are these New York and Company shorts that totally help me get out of my comfort zone and express a side of me that I haven’t expressed in a long time. No matter what, these styles look good on me and they are my favorite pieces from New York and Company so far.

Dresses Dresses Dresses

If the question was ask what is my favorite piece of clothing that I woud wear over and over again I would say dresses. Dresses are my favorite things in the world. And this past year I got to wear some amazing dresses that brought me to life everytime. It was fun wearing these dresses and making them a staple in my closet. They made me feel beautiful and girly. With a dress on I smile more and can really tap into that feminie energy that I love and have. These dresses really gave me life this year.

I love how I got to experiement with so many of them and wearing them like a goddess. I have to admint I felt great. And of course I looked amazing.

1-Year Blogaversary: My Favorite Looks

There you have it folks. My 1-Year Blogaversary: My Favorite Looks. These looks were amazing to wear and they continue to rock my world even now. Until next time. Don’t forget to share with me on Instagram. Also, come pin with me on Pinterest, and don’t forget to come to hang out with me on  Facebook. I really want to interact with you all. While you’re at it check out the latest post of last week here.

1-Year Blogaversary: My Favorite Looks

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New York & Company Mixed Print Fall Dress
1-Year Blogaversary: My Favorite Looks